Condo Hunting Update

Exactly two months ago in November, I wrote a quick little post about how I was starting to look at condos (missed it? Read the post here). Crazy how time flies, am I right! After looking at some condos & lofts around Toronto & even some in the GTA area, I came to realize a few things, which then resulted in a minor breakdown.

What I realized:

  • For the price of a house on the outskirts of Toronto, I can buy a tiny, & I mean tiny condo for the same price.
  • The monthly fees alone on some of these places are my whole monthly paycheck …
  • Most places don’t have parking included, meaning you have to pay an extra thousand a year just to park one car…..
  • I would have a longer drive to work
  • & with that longer drive, I would need to buy gas more often, oh & Jeep’s are not the greatest on gas
  • I really don’t like going out on weekends, so what is the point of moving downtown. I would probably spend my weekends back at home with my parents, outside of the city.

Obviously there are about a million factors I could list there, but those have been my key feelings.
Another thing is, right now I’m enjoying being able to save my money. I’m 24 & my only ties to the Toronto area are my family & friends, in the off-chance I need a change, I can honestly just go find a job somewhere & pick up & leave if I really want to. Not even that, I have the freedom to travel & not worry about leaving my place ‘unattended’ & paying for it to not be used for a weekend. I would feel pretty guilty. Plus it helps that my parents are pretty damn awesome. Not only do they give me my space when I need it but at the same time it’s comforting having them around.

So after crying & having a mental breakdown after crunching all the numbers, weighing both the pros & cons. I have ultimately decided to put finding my own place on hold & stay home, in my childhood bedroom, having my parents for roomies & living 10 minutes away from my office. Maybe in the next few months, we will be back to looking for places, but in the mean time I don’t mind the comforts of being home!

Thanks for reading
xx cd

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