NHL Fantasy Update

Since we are basically nearing the end of the NHL Regular Season, I figured now would be a good time for an update on how i’m doing in my Fantasy Pool.

In all honesty I really don’t know what to say. Just like with NFL fantasy, everything is a gamble. You have good weeks & you have bad weeks. I haven’t been doing to shabby this season, consider I kinda stopped paying close attention to the NHL a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love the game but they play so often I find it tough to keep up! This was my first time doing an actual NHL Fantasy through the season, I have done Playoff Pools with my brothers, my dad & their friends, this has been completely different. Might just be me but some days you forget to change your guys & bam, you loose. & to make matters worse, I have been so confused with the way the scoring works. I think the whole scoring thing has made me a little less into this whole thing. But it’s been fun playing against some of my blogger friends.

That being said, we are going into week 16, I’m currently sitting tied in 3rd & have 9 wins under my belt.

You can bet I’m hoping for a few blessings these next few weeks to get a few more wins under my belt & maybe my team won’t blow this fantasy league for me like my NFL one. Other then that, lucky for me there is still some time to figure out how the scoring works.

How are you doing in your fantasy leagues? 

xo cd

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3 thoughts on “NHL Fantasy Update

  1. I’m going to kick your CASS this week! Seriously though, I’m with you on the scoring. However, I figured it out and have a new strategy. I will likely beat you this week with my strategy. I login everyday so you have your work cut out for you. Haha! “Cold Steal on Ice” shall be victorious! Good luck Cass Seguin. LOLOL!



  2. I feel terrible about the scoring thing. Wish I knew sooner. I’ll try and explain it here really quickly (sorry if I over-explain): So on the Scoreboard you can see there are 12 statistical categories for each team. The purpose of each week is to win more categories than your opponent. So for forwards and defensemen you want more goals, more assists, a better +/-, more penalty minutes, more power-play points, more shots on goal, more hits/bodychecks, and more blocked shots…than your opponent. For goalies, there’s obviously wins and shutouts. Then for Goals Against Average and Save Percentage, your goalies have to start 4 games before those stats are activated, so even if you have a better GAA and Save % than your opponent, if you only have 3 goalie starts for the week and they have 4+, they’ll win those categories. And then the matchup score is listed as a Win-Loss-Tie format to show how many categories you won/lossed/tied.

    I feel like that was a lot, but hopefully it helped? Please let me know if you’re still confused! You’re team is in 3rd so you must be doing something right!


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