24 Things I Learned in 2018

Happy Boxing Day!

Hope you all had an absolutely amazing Christmas & spent lots of time with your families!

The holiday season always has me reminiscing on the past year & as I was doing this, i realized I had learned not only so much about myself but also so many new things this year. Here is a list of 24 things I learned/what stuck with me this past year.
I know 24 is a weird number, could have gone with 25 but this year I turned 24 so I liked how that sounded!

24 Things I Learned

  1. Its okay to put yourself first
  2. Move for at least 30 minutes a day
  3. Practice the 80/20 rule for a healthy diet… But don’t deprive yourself, eat the damn fries
  4. Find something you love & make time for it
  5. Organization is key
  6. It’s totally okay to be picky (mainly with boys & food)
  7. Relax! Take deep breaths
  8. You can never have too many books
  9. Start investing in staple pieces for your wardrobe
  10. Always have a pair heels/extra shoes in your backseat, you never know when you’ll need to switch out of those running shoes or heels
  11. Protect your skin, wear sunscreen
  12. Learn to go with the flow
  13. It is okay to be vulnerable & show your emotions
  14. Turn your phone off, disconnect from the world once in a while
  15. Say yes, step out of your comfort zone once & a while
  16. Always keep tabs on how the Canadian Dollar is doing
  17. It’s never to late to start properly managing your money
  18. On that note, learn how to budget & actually stick to it
  19. Sleep is crucial, don’t stray from your sleep schedule
  20. When in doubt, read another chapter.
  21. Take a deep breath & stop stressing yourself out!
  22. Always make time for your girls!
  23. Adulting only gets harder
  24. Everyday is a gift!

I feel so blessed to have had such a magical year!
Here is to continuing learning something each & everyday, & as usual I am already hoping this next year is better than ever!

xo cd

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