Surviving Another Work Event

Happy Mid-December

Today, I started my day with a meltdown at my desk thanks to a printer… You can bet it’s been on of those days.

Over the last few months, I have been going to a few work events per month. I remember when I was first asked to attend an event & I was on cloud nine. Debates on ‘What to wear’ or ‘Do I buy a new outfit’ or ‘Are these heals too high’ or ‘Will I know anyone there’, the questions swirled through my head like crazy. I was so nervous.

Fast forward, I still worry about ‘What to wear’ & the nerves are still there but I’ve slowly been learning how to work the room & have now gotten to know so many familiar faces. I am a totally different person now at work events than I was last year. Not sure if it’s because I’ve now attended 3 day conferences where I knew 5 people maybe, or the fact that I have been going to events on a regular basis that now it’ just beginning to become normal.

So the point of this post, since I’ve been rambling on.

It’s December, Christmas Party Season is among us.

That might excite some people & believe me, I always get so excited to be able to attend all these events, meet all these very connected individuals, but now we are in December. December is the main month for company Christmas Parties. So only two weeks into the month, I have now already been to four events (I think three were in a row) & I have at least three more to attend in the next week…. Sounds glamorous… Well when you go from one – two events per month to lunches & networking events almost every night of the week, this is a serious jump.

Not sure why I just spent how long writing a slight complaint here or maybe I just needed to vent. But I am one exhausted gal & I’d like to thank the lack of sleep for my rambling on today. But there are only so many little sandwiches & hors d’oeuvres a girl can eat…

Despite being exhausted & run down & running on wine, this past week. I have one more event to endure before the weekend & I can’t lie, I don’t see myself moving from my bed much this weekend! As someone who enjoys December & the holiday season, this has been a great month & I am as usual so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given & entrusted with over the last year. I can not wait to see what the new year holds & I can only imagine now, just how much more networking & events will be added to my plate next year.

Have you been to any Holiday Parties this year? What are your thoughts on work parties or work events?

Do you attend a lot of work events, if so I would love to hear how you survive them! Share your survival tips with me!

I’m just trying to stay somewhat sane this next week!
xx cd

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4 thoughts on “Surviving Another Work Event

  1. It sounds like you go to a heck of a lot more fancy Christmas parties than me haha. This year, I went to two, and both were this week. One was the party for the old company I worked for; I went as one of my old co-worker’s “guest”. It was nice to see everyone again, and it was after work at a local restaurant. Yesterday was the party at my new job during the day. It was on campus and catered, plus everyone either brought an appetizer or dessert. We also did a yankee swap. There was about 30 of us there, because it encompassed the entire department that I’m part of (enrollment management and marketing). I think just the marketing department might do something small after work next week at the bar across the street.

    I have faith that you’ll survive the Christmas party season! 🙂


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