Football Fantasy Update – Part 2

Hey Hey

Happy Wednesday!

We are at the end of the football season, heading into playoffs. Is it just me or why does football season always seem to fly by..

Guys, the cowboys have finally been playing good & you can bet I am on cloud nine, all I want is to see them go far in the playoffs. Jerry did you hear that, make it happen.

So back to fantasy. If you missed my initial post on fantasy football this season you can read it here, be warned it’s pretty entertaining..
You can also check out my first update on how fantasy was going here!

Going into the playoffs, I’m currently sitting tied in 4th (7-6).
Not bad at all if you ask me. Thank god all the injuries seemed to have passed & I had some unlucky breaks, but I think my boys are finally ready to make some magic.

Good Luck in playoffs everyone!

xx cd

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8 thoughts on “Football Fantasy Update – Part 2

  1. Cass vs Paul is a great matchup. I’m lucky to have made the Playoffs too. I face Bruce ( Bruce is really cool. Make sure you follow him. He’s from Philadelphia. Cool guy.
    Later, Reid

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