12/12.. Hello December

Happy Sunday!

Yes! Only one day late with this post, not bad for how busy I’ve been!

I honestly can not believe how fast this year has been flying by. Unlike October, this month felt jam packed… I had a few work events, went to the cottage one weekend, went to a photography exhibit, visited the Museum of Illusions on night, saw a few condos, had a week long birthday celebration, ugh the list goes on & on. I am honestly not sure how I felt about everything this month, I feel like I have so much going on in life & in my head I just couldn’t relax, but on the plus side, W Network unrolled their Countdown to Christmas movies & as you can guess I’ve been watching them nightly since. So December, Christmas is upon us. I didn’t think the amount of work events would triple this month but apparently I need to be extra festive, one or two a week until Christmas… Wish me luck….
Side note: Has anyone started their Christmas Shopping? I feel like i’m in such a slump & can’t decide what to get anyone this year…..

Dating Update: Last month I mentioned I downloaded dating apps, I deleted them within a few days of posting that article. I really don’t like them & figure I should focus on me & maybe the right guy will fall into my lap…

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from November!

Wow, I can not believe how quickly this year has honestly flown! Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’:

  • Read 50 Books- read 37 so far, ahhh! Currently reading: The Pale Horseman 
  • Close Apple Watch rings everyday for one month- closed 26/30 days last month! – If you have an apple watch & want to be friends, contact me! I love a little healthy competition 
  • Be less negative-  December focus: Stay Humble

How did you make out with your 2018 goals? I would love to hear how your year has went!

I hope it’s not just me, but I am so excited for 2019, I’m already starting to jot down what I want to get out of 2019! Christmas break cannot come soon enough if you ask me!

Thanks for reading

xo cd

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7 thoughts on “12/12.. Hello December

  1. Hey Cassius, I agree. This year has FLOWN by. I feel like it was just Christmas. As you may know, one of my best friends died last Christmas Eve and it’s just been a weird last year for me. I’m looking forward to this Christmas because I was in a bad horrible place last year and just want to enjoy the holidays this time.
    I too am setting up some New Year’s Resolutions & Goals. Hopefully I get around to posting that.
    Humility…..I agree 100%. If more people had humility, we’d live in a better world.
    Love your posts.

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      • Thanks for the kind words CD. I’m excited about the holidays but in a way I’m dreading them because I’m worried I’m gonna revisit that bad place in my head. You know what I mean? I want to remember and honor my friend, while at the same time I want to put it out of mind. I’m anticipating a battle in my brain.


  2. 90% of my Christmas shopping is done. I only had to shop for like seven people, plus a gift for the Yankee Swap at my work party. I never know what to get people, especially my parents, and I hate wrapping even more. Which I’m putting off until next weekend because we’re doing an early Christmas on the 16th at my grandparents’ house and I have to wrap presents for that.

    Looks like we have the same outlook on dating apps at the moment. I deleted them off my phone in the middle of October and haven’t looked back. But watching all of these Hallmark Christmas movies is making me feel really lonely 😦 haha

    Happy December! 🙂

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    • That’s awesome, you’ll be able to avoid the malls during the last minute shopping! I never know what to buy, I have my mom done but thats about it! Good luck with the present wrapping!

      Honestly Becky, we are pretty similar it seems which is pretty funny! But ya I did the same & I don’t regret it! But honestly hallmark movies make me melt, & are totally my secret addiction, but like why can’t I find love like that lol.

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      • I swear traffic in town around all of the shopping areas gets a million times worse during December. It’s honestly so much easier to just order things online.

        I may or may not have a post coming out on Friday about Hallmark movies… haha.

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