Surviving Bill’s Mafia

Happy Saturday!

Two Sundays ago I got to spend my Football Sunday actually tailgating & watching the Bills get sweeped by the Bears in person rather than watching it from the warmth of my house! Once a year, we get tickets to attend a Bills game with this company that works closely with my dads work. I was so excited to get to go again this year, since it is always a great time & this year was no different, plus to make it even better my best friend tagged along.

Like every other year, we wake up at 4 am to drive to the meeting-spot for 6 am to take a bus down to the game… The risks we make to watch football.
After arriving in Buffalo at 9 am, we did what any person would do & started to crack those beers! Lucky me somehow ended up with the Cowboys Bud Light can, pretty sure they saved it for me on purpose.

At the tailgate, we drank a whole lot (thank you open bar) & ate some really awesome bbq’d food, & played some drinking games. I mean it’s not everyday you get to teach your dad how to play flip cup, which I might add was super successful. In the end he couldn’t believe just how good my friend & I were at the game, we ended up beating a group of guys 6 rounds in a row. But as always, I had Cowboys stuff on & that attracts unwanted attention. Apparently not many people like the Cowboys but I don’t care & for the second year in a row, I took the remarks & little digs like a complete champ, I don’t think those Bears & Bills fans thought I would chirp back but they probably didn’t think they would encounter a little firecracker. Oh & I’m not sure my body can handle that much alcohol again for a while! But overall I think you can say it was a successful day on Bill’s turf.


As boring of a game as it was, you can bet your bottom dollar this little Cowboys fan survived & is already looking forward to next year, this girl is always ready for some football!

I’m not sure if it’s just me or what but football season is my favourite season.

Thanks for reading!
xx cd

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3 thoughts on “Surviving Bill’s Mafia

  1. Great stuff Cass! Yeah, by the way….what’s up! I don’t remember seeing my invite to the game to watch my Bears stomp the Bills. C’mon (wo)man! Just kidding.

    Would I drive from Chicago all the way to Buffalo? Possibly but not probably. Anyway, great to see that you had a sweet time. The Bears are awesome this year and you got to see it with your own eyes. As you know I like the Cowboys too.

    Very cool,


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