Apple Watch Review

Happy Wednesday!

So today I wanted to do a short, little Apple Watch review for you guys

I’ve had my Apple Watch (I have the 38mm series three Apple Watch in rose gold) for just under a year now & absolutely love it. I cannot help but gush about it whenever someone asks ‘how I like it’ or ‘if it is worth it’

personally the main reason I got the watch was so I could use my watch for is fitness. There is a built in fitness tracker into the Apple Watch (I do not use any outside fitness apps on the watch), that I use to track my runs, weight training, yoga, walks with my dad, and any other fitness activity you can think of. I have the Apple Watch Series Three which had cellular & a built in GPS, so it can track the distance on your runs – in addition to your pace, heart rate, & calories burned during workouts. The watch also gives you different challenges every month, special addition challenges and you can follow your with friends to see their activity throughout the week!  It helps to follow to keep each other accountable! I think the best part of waiting for the Series three is that I do not have to have my cell phone on me while I run, which was the biggest thing for me & the main reason I picked the apple watch over the other wearable fitness tech brands. I hate having my phone on me while I workout so this came in sooo handy!

Another reason I love my Apple Watch is because it syncs with your phone. So, when I get a text message on my phone, my watch buzzes and I can see/read/reply to the text on my watch. Basically I can check if I can ignore my phone for a while longer. I also can see who’s calling me as well, which comes in handy for someone like me who never answers the phone for unknown numbers! Plus with the series three, I am able to answer my calls right on my watch, & I feel like an everyday James Bond talking into my watch if i don’t have my wireless headphones on me.

There are so many things you can do with your apple watch, I mainly use mine for text messages, fitness & for the wallet. I should really figure out what else I can do with this thing.

I personally debated for almost a year whether or not I needed the watch, & debated if i would actually wear it since I was so not a watch wearer before. I can definitely say I wear it everyday & am finally looking into buying a nicer, non sport band for everyday wear. Overall, I would 100% recommend it to ANYONE!

If you have any questions about the apple watch or anything in general I would love to hear them!

Also, if you have a Apple Watch & want to be friends, comment below or send me a message. I would love to have some healthy competition! 

Thanks for reading
xx cd


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