Somehow It’s Already November

Happy November!

I know I keep saying this, but honestly this month was a slight blur. Not only does it get super dark earlier but it’s also depressingly dark in the mornings, which doesn’t help. But on the bright side, I swear I’ve slept 8 hours plus per night….

Not much happened this month! My parents went away on a few trips, lucky bums I know. So I didn’t end up doing to much. I like staying in when I’m alone for some reason or having low key nights. Lucky for me the month started with Thanksgiving & I got to see both my brothers & spend an amazing weekend at the cottage with my family. It was a normal Thanksgiving & I couldn’t have been more grateful this year!  We ended up having two massive dinners, which was a total bonus. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but I always feel super awkward seeing other peoples photos since they dress up nice, I mean we wear leggings & sweaters for our Thanksgiving & we feel over dressed. Might just be me though, we always keep holidays casual. But ya, otherwise just helped work on this event which was super awesome & I spent a lot of time working on that this past month. It was a Puppy Parade & Costume Contest, I can’t lie my puppy fever is real right now! I did do a major change up with my hair & read a ton of books & watched a ton of movies as well! I kind of liked having a low key month, kept me out of trouble! But on the plus side, November is already off to a great start & I cannot wait for this month to unfold!

Dating Update: I downloaded a dating app, I can’t lie it totally sucks but I figured I should give it a few days! 

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from October!

Woo Hoo! Look at how short this list is getting, wow, I can not believe how quickly this year has been flying by! Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’:

  • Read 50 Books- read 31 so far, on my 32nd (slowly but surely)! Currently reading: The Pale Horseman 
  • Start a Pilates Barre/Yoga business- Hmm, pushing this back to January. Stay tuned
  • Purge closet/dresser 3 times this year- 3/3 completed – we are all ready for the cold weather over here
  • Close Apple Watch rings everyday for one month- closed /31 days last month! had to take a little step back from pushing myself this month but I feel better than ever surpringly – If you have an apple watch & want to be friends, contact me! I love a little healthy competition 
  • Be less negative-  Novembers focus: Stay Humble

Did you make any New Years Goals? Have you been sticking to them?
I would love to hear how you are doing and/or if you have any suggestions about anything

xo cd


4 thoughts on “Somehow It’s Already November

  1. I also don’t understand how/why people get so dressed up for Thanksgiving. If we’re staying home, I wear whatever (normally sweatpants) and even if we go to my grandparents’ house, I wear leggings and a tunic or long sweater. There’s no need to get all fancy.

    What did you do with your hair?! I took the purple out of my hair at my last appointment in September, and I’m going on Saturday, so I’m thinking of sticking with the dark colors I have now for fall/winter.

    Overall, I just feel tired all the time. Not sure if it’s because I’m still adjusting to my new job, which is going really good. Still getting in the swing of things and figuring out how things work in the office, but I like going to events to take pictures for social media and get to walk around campus during the day instead of spending 8 hours at my desk. I have to start planning out my Christmas decorations.


    • So i’m glad it’s not just me. I honestly don’t get how people can dress up & then eat like crazy!

      I went back to my natural hair & just went super dark brown. It was a shock but after having balyage for soo long I figured I needed a serious change up! I loved that you put colours in, i’m never adventurous to try that! Let me know what you end up doing! It’ll look amazing!

      Your new job has sounded so cool. I felt like I was in a bubble when I started working, but eventually once you get into the swing of things it gets easier. I do find I have to plan everything from when i’ll be working out to when i’m going to bed just to make sure I fit everything in!

      You just reminded me, I need to figure out christmas decorations for my desk now…

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      • I went dark again with some red (to cover up the little bit of purple that had faded through from when I had purple in my hair for most of this year) and caramel highlights. After being brown/blond/purple for most of the year, it’s still a little shocking to me to see me with dark hair haha.

        I’ve been going to a few department/division meetings, so I’m getting to know everyone else in our bigger division, and everyone in my department is nice and good with my stupid questions. I think the transition was easier since I went back to where I went to college and already knew a lot of people and understood the campus culture.

        I have some stuff left over from when I decorated my cubicle at my old job but I might get some new stuff… mostly because I just want to take a trip to Target.


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