Tips For Making Healthier Choices During The Day

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Happy Wednesday!

So before I start with this post just a quick disclaimer that I have no nutritional/health background. All my knowledge is from experiences & reading up on topics.

So, today I thought I’d share with some tips for making healthy choices throughout the day. Since I had to start this new diet to ‘save my gut’ (more on that another day), I have really had to revamp my whole diet, I have really been interested in making healthier choices & adding nutritious/filling meals to my day. Not only did I think I used to eat pretty healthy before, I realized just how much nutritious foods I was lacking & how I was choosing to fill my plates with mainly carbs.

So quick little back story, recently I have had some severe stomach problems which led to multiple doctors visits, getting frustrated due to the lack of help from them. I thought that working out more & just watching what I ate would help, boy was I wrong. I was so uncomfortable every damn day that I just filled to the brim with anxiety & worrying became the norm for me. Lucky for me, I have a friend who is in the holistic/nutritional health sector & after months of trial & error I finally reached out to him to see if he could help. More tests were run & finally after months of doctors visits, tests, etc. I finally got answers. So now I have been working with him to get myself back to health & could not be happier that I finally had an idea of what was going on.

So since it was all digestive /gut stuff (yikes, I know),I had so many underlying issues in my gut that my body was under constant stress. I am currently in Phase 1 of the protocol & thank goodness it is almost over. For Phase 1, I am eating a no sugar, no carb diet, which means lots of green veggies, protein & fats. I would not recommend this type of diet for anyone, especially not long term. I have had constant headaches & have been feeling very tired thanks to the no carbs & all the sugar leaving my body. I went from eating snack all the time to having a very very small amount in my smoothies some mornings (you read that right, some mornings.. not every morning. Damn sugar). Despite all the changes I couldn’t help but notice the how I have really changed the way I look at snacking & even just learning how to properly fuel my body properly throughout the day! I went from snacking & eating pretty much all day to having 3 meals (sometimes 2 & a snack). Despite the drastic changes I have learned some very valuable stuff from this whole experience. Crazy right. Thank god it’s not bachelor season (I like my wine & popcorn) or I would be having some serious issues with this whole thing…

So in order to save my gut & rev my metabolism back up, here are the 5 easiest daily switches I made that i’ll be sure to keep up with & you might even be able to incorporate into your everyday life if you choose to

  • Drink boatloads of water throughout the day to help your body detox all the yucky stuff from your system & keep your skin hydrated
  • Add some greens to each of your meals (I know no one wants veggies at breakfast but I like to add spinach to scrambled eggs or spinach/kale to smoothies)
  • Avocados add flavour to just about anything. Avocados with a side of bacon & eggs, count me in. Avocado spread over your burger, unfortunately this is the only way i’ll eat a burger (I’ve never been a fan of them for some reason). Avocados in your smoothie, it makes it creamy. I could go on & on with this list.
  • Feel like snacking? I made a mix of raw almonds & walnuts on Sunday & pre-packed them in little ziplock baggies. Now when I leave the house I make sure to grab one just in case I need a pick me up. Or if I get the chance to sit & eat, I have a newfound love for having a green apple covered in almond butter. Have a chocolate craving? Have a piece of dark chocolate, honestly don’t deprive yourself, I even caved on the weekend & had a massive bowl of buttery popcorn (that’ll be our little secret).
  • Having enough protein in your diet is key for staying full longer!

Making little changes here & there are always the way to go especially if you are looking to make some healthier changes, you definitely don’t want to go into something in full force if you do not have to, plus that is usually super unsuccessful.
I have been super lucky to have really supportive friends & family that have been helping me stay on track to getting better! But in all honesty I really have been enjoying keeping things very simple these days.

Hope this inspires you to make healthy choices this week!
xx cd


5 thoughts on “Tips For Making Healthier Choices During The Day

  1. This sounds brutal but I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    You mentioned an apple covered in almond butter and it reminded me I went through a phase where I’d have apple slices with cinnamon and sugar…soooo good!

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    • Slowly but surely lol! but that sounds sooo good, i’ll have to try that! i did used to do apples in lemon & cinnamon as a snack but my latest obsession is almond butter for some reason

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  2. Hey Cass, Thanks for sharing. I had no clue you weren’t feeling well. Major bummer. However, it sounds like you’re working hard to fix it. I love your positive attitude.

    I don’t eat very healthy overall but over the years I’ve made many positive changes. Years ago, I never even thought about drinking water. I only drank soft drinks with caffeine, maybe some juice, beer, milk….now I pound water. It’s so important! I usually drink at least 50 ounces per day now. I rarely drink soft drinks, only about 1 can a week maybe. I try to have at least a banana and maybe some grapes everyday. I sometimes go through some “diets” where I try out all sweets, sugars, treats, etc. I’ve never made it more than a month. It can be so tough!

    Thanks for the info and advice. I hope you feel better. Work hard and I’m sure it’ll happen. Good luck! Keep me informed!


    PS Just drink more. That’ll solve everything. Haha!

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