A Phone Less 24 hours

Dun Dun Dun

You probably read that title & cringed a little….

I was a little worried about doing a full 24 hours of not using my phone, especially with my parents away right now… I like making sure I am accessible at all times just in case of emergencies

I did use it briefly in the morning to make sure both my fantasy hockey team & football team were set up for the evening & then turned my cell phone onto ‘silent’ (I was going to set it to ‘do not disturb’ but I worry).

I can’t lie I felt pretty amazing not looking & worrying about my phone & to be completely honest I am so bad at texting that no one even noticed I had my phone off for a whole day. Sad I know. By not playing on my phone & aimlessly scrolling through social media & not playing around on dating apps (yeah, I downloaded one finally), I was able to sit down & work on an event I am helping out with, read a whole bunch & even finished a bunch of blog posts I just “haven’t had the time to finish” (I seriously hate excuses, so why have I been using them in my own life).

Since I wake up so early, even on weekends since I don’t know what sleeping in means. I was able to start my morning with a big hearty breakfast. I was then able to sit down & get working on this event I am helping out with. I then ran quickly to the mall to pick up a few things & run a few errands I have been to lazy to do. At this point I was pretty exhausted for it to only be noon but I did get to read my book. By this point it seemed like it was later in the day but it was only noon. It was nice to have a little break before I had a small lunch & before I sat down to play around & get some blog posts finished. Who would have thought that by not looking at my phone at all, for any little reason I would have so much extra time to get things done.. Well we all know that but that’s beside the point.
Finally my brother got home from Ottawa so he joined me & watched a cheesy movie. Finally my brother & I grabbed dinner & caught up since he just got back into town for his reading week. It was honestly so refreshing to just sit & have a conversation & not glance at my phone. Once we got home, we chilled & watched the hockey game. It was honestly such a relaxing Saturday, I might have to start having these more often.

I just think it’s so crazy to think that we would be so attached to our cell phones on a daily basis, & that I am trying to hard to stop scrolling aimlessly at all hours to waste time. I love just avoiding my phone when I can & to think I literally had to fight my parents to get me a cell phone in high school gives me chills.

With how yesterday went, who know’s maybe I’ll start having digital detox days more often!

Have you tried a phone less day? Would you try a phone less day?

Well I’m back to the cell phone world & I need to decide on which book I’m going to start ready. But on the plus side I have only looked at it once so far on this chilly football Sunday morning.

Go Cowboys
xo cd


2 thoughts on “A Phone Less 24 hours

  1. I’m not sure I could do a phoneless day. Let me think about that one…..I don’t think I spend that much time on my phone but to go an entire day? Hmmm, not sure I can do that. Interesting. You’ve got me wondering. Well, come to think of it I guess I spent most of an entire week without phones or tv’s while at a ranch in Colorado a couple Summers ago. That was insanely hard. No TV’s? No sports? I almost went crazy. I need competition!

    Nonetheless, I’m glad you enjoyed your day off and spending time with your brother. Very cool.

    Interesting stuff. Thanks Cass!

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