Fantasy Football Update

Hey Hey

We are basically halfway through the football season. Is it just me or why does football season always seem to fly by..

The cowboys finally had an amazing game this past weekend & I could not be happier, is the season finally turning around? Oh I hope so! Being a cowboys fan is tough, maybe not Cleveland tough but it’s tough.

So back to fantasy. If you missed my initial post on fantasy football this season you can read it here, be warned it’s pretty entertaining..

I really don’t have much to report & since we are basically halfway through the season (I know I already said this), I felt the need to rant about how I have this absolutely amazing roster of players & yet I’m really not sure what is happening with these guys. & to think I even kept my Dallas players on the bench this week & look how that played out. My brothers are loosing their minds with how my team is doing, they honestly couldn’t believe my luck, it’s a good thing there is no money on the table.

Going into week seven, I’m currently sitting tied in 7th & have two wins under my belt.

With that being said, you can bet I’m hoping for a few hail marys these next few weeks.
(Don’t act like you knew some sort of cheesy line was coming)

Hope you’re having better luck than I am with your fantasy league

xo cd


10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Update

    • You guys both have good teams. My team stinks! I hate my team. It’s put together all wrong. I need to make trades. Yeah, yeah, let’s trade!

      Football season always flies by. I think it’s the rhythm of each week. We have Thursday night games, then Sunday games, then MNF, then the waiver pickups. Then we start the next week and it just flies by. Admittedly, I usually get all footballed out by December and January. I sometimes think, “Oh God, do I HAVE TO WATCH this game?….OK, I guess I NEED TO.” It can be a chore, which is just plain stupid.

      Plain stupid, that’s me. I’m rambling now. I like to ramble in other people’s comments section. Thanks for the opportunity Cass.

      Oh yeah, good luck and let’s make trades.

      Reid’s Sweaty Palm Trees

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