Bahamas Packing List

3 posts in one week…
Who am I & where did I find the time to do this…

Aloha Loves,
& lets get back to what I was originally doing!

I just had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas with my parents & there friends. I was long over due on a beach trip & it was exactly what I needed after all this craziness happening.

So I am one of those people who for the life of them hate checking bags when I travel. I would rather wear the same thing a few times than over pack. Oh & I always forget something when I go away.

So contrary to the usual, this trip I wish I could say I was avoiding checking a bag but this girl is bringing her golf clubs with her… On a trip… Where I literally would only ever spend time tanning…  Yeup that’s a first, didn’t think I would ever say that.

Here is my quick list of a few things I had packed & would suggest for a short trip to the Bahamas:

  • Cozy Sweater & Crop Leggings : Perfect for travel days especially if you are leaving at 5 am from a chilly place like Toronto, plus I might be the only one but I get super cold on planes..
  • Bathing suits: really shouldn’t have to explain this one.
  • Lightweight Dresses : Packed 2 nice ones for each night for dinner (we had one verrry casual night)
  • Workout Attire: Not only is workout attire great for warm places since they absorb sweat but I always try to move a little while I am away so I don’t go completely off track from routines. Plus with my family, you usually go on some sort of adventure, so I’ve learned it’s always best to be prepared.
  • Books: I always have at least 2 books packed for beach vacations, plus it doesn’t help I read super fast once I get hooked on a book
  • GoPro: definitely not the most ideal camera since there is no zoom option, but it was great for capturing action videos
  • Snacks: I always have snacks for the plane trips since you either spend a fortune on something super unhealthy or have to eat yucky plane food & everyone is always stealing my snacks! This time I also packed a few extra snacks in my golf bag (yay checked bags) – mainly microwave popcorn for when those after drinks/bed time munchies hit!
  • Necessities: Sunscreen, skin care routine, sunglasses, hat, etc. Don’t forget the necessities!
  • Golf related: apparently when you go on a golf trip, make sure your bag is stocked with everything you’ll need…. You do not want to be buying golf balls after you loose a few or have no tees.
  • Chia seeds: I always & I mean always have a pack of chia seeds with me when I travel to put in my water, I would put some into a water bottle and would drink it the next day or that evening. They are great for your digestive system while you are away! Click HERE to read the benefits of chia seeds.

More to come on my recent trip to The Bahamas

xo cd


2 thoughts on “Bahamas Packing List

  1. Sounds awesome! I wish I were in the Bahamas on a golf trip too. Wow, sweet action! You’re funny Cass. I love your popcorn obsession. Every time I read your posts I think about popcorn now and always want to go make some. I keep forgetting though. This weekend I swear I’m heating up popcorn. Thanks!

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