Hello Fall (October)

Hey Hey

Its finally Fall, my favourite season.

Football is back, thanksgiving is around the corner, its legging/jeans & big sweater season, it’s not too hot & not too cold. It’s officially apple cider & apple everything season! Not to mention, it is now socially acceptable to watch Hocus Pocus every day…  You could say I really love fall…

On that note, here is me enjoying fall….


Is it just me or did September fly by in a flash… I feel like I blinked & it was already October!
September clearly was a busy month for me, I started the month off with a conference. This conference was held at a summer camp roughly 3 hours north of Toronto, in beautiful Bancroft! The purpose was to disconnect & make real connections. It was an amazing weekend & I already can’t wait for next years fireside! I have been working a ton on a few projects & just recently picked up another volunteer position (only for the month of October) & I can already feel the stress of being a busy bee, but I am super excited for this opportunity. Quick September recap: we ended out concert season by seeing Jason Aldean at Budweiser Stage & he always knows how to throw a party, what a way to say good bye to summer, we also went to the Magna Hoedown (not sure why we actually went), football is officially back & I am not doing so well in our Fantasy Pool (damn you 1v1), & then after a long long few months I finally took a much needed long weekend trip to the Bahamas to end September on a high note(you’ll hear about it soon). & Now it’s back to the reality of being beyond busy with a full time job, a volunteer event planning position, teaching yoga classes & trying to maintain my healthy lifestyle & my sorry attempt at having a social life.

Dating Update: May have gone on a date … but that’s all the information anyone is getting out of me

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from September!

Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’:

  • Read 50 Books- read 25 so far, on my 26th (slowly but surely)! Currently reading: The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger 
  • Start a Pilates Barre/Yoga business- WOO I’m starting teaching this month at a local studio, wish me luck! 
  • Spend less each month (aka no impulse purchases)- I really love my new budget spreadsheet (let me know if you want me to share!). I honestly have not been spending like any money, the odd dinner/drinks out, or buying the odd necessity (new bookhaul didn’t count, I budgeted this properly). Go Cass! 
  • Purge closet/dresser 3 times this year- 2/3 completed – post summer clean out coming up this week! 
  • Focus on my health: I ended up changing my workout routine & have noticed more results with working out less who would have thought…. I also have been working on eating healthy & feeling my best! 
  • Close Apple Watch rings everyday for one month- closed 29/30 days last month! SOOO CLOSE, UGHHH -If you have an apple watch & want to be friends, contact me! I love a little healthy competition 
  • Be less negative-  Octobers focus: Accept whatever comes your way

Did you make any New Years Goals? Have you been sticking to them?
I would love to hear how you are doing and/or if you have any suggestions about anything

On that note, I need to go prep for my NHL Draft that is happening tonight…
xo cd


5 thoughts on “Hello Fall (October)

  1. Your monthly recaps are always so inspiring. You do so much it’s like you’re operating on a 30 hour day! Good luck with your yoga teaching and congrats on your first football win this week! (Sorry Becky, if you’re reading this). You’ve got a scary good team, just hang in there.

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    • Thanks Paul. Some days it feels like 30 hours that’s for sure! Too much going on, not enough time! Thanks Paul, its been an interesting few weeks lol but you are killing it!

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  2. Great stuff Cass. I agree with Paul. I was looking at our football standings today and can’t believe you’re only 1-3 because you have one of the best teams. You’ve just had bad luck so far. As for NHL, I’m excited. Hockey is awesome.

    Regarding your busy life, I can’t even believe how you do all that stuff…. Then you write about it too. It’s amazing. I’m always very motivated and inspired by your posts. Thanks for that.


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    • You both are too kind, its been a frusterating start to the NFL season, but Hockey starts tonight & that’s a whole new ball game!

      Too kind as always! Just try to reflect on how everything is, slowly starting to keep me sane

      Thanks again Reid


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