Post Three Day Juice Cleanse

Happy Thursday!

This past week I decided to do a three-day juice cleanse…
You may be secretly thinking I’m crazy, which is a-okay, you can totally say it! During the first day & the second day & the third day (the whole damn time), I was wondering why the hell I was doing this to myself too..

Why did I do a juice cleanse:
I figured since summer has been pretty busy with work & concerts & drinking & going out for food that I should get rid of all the toxins in my body post-labour day & get a fresh start for the fall! I’ve been feeling sluggish & all my working out/eating healthy isn’t showing any progress thanks to the amount of alcohol I have been consuming, along with all the snacking that comes along with drinking.
So after doing all my research I figured why not give it a shot, reboot my system….

Post juice cleanse:
So today is my first day eating in 4 days & you can say I don’t feel that much different.. I mean any bloating went down but my goodness I have never felt so weak. This just goes to say that I do not recommend doing a juice cleanse of any type, just stick to eating healthy & having a routine, don’t live off of juices for a ling period of time. I could not stop thinking about pizza or grilled cheese or popcorn or anything made out of carbs to be quite honest. Living without popcorn is not worth. Oh & the best part of this is I’m heading up to a conference tonight & it’s all you can drink & I packed some unhealthy drunk snacks so I think that defeats the purpose of this whole cleanse.

Moral of the story… Don’t do one ever
xo cd


One thought on “Post Three Day Juice Cleanse

  1. Cass! You are hilarious! Juice cleanses sound scary and sad. I don’t have the guts to even try it. I applaud you for doing it….and even more for telling us the truth.

    One time I read a story from a guy in GQ who went on a water only diet for 4 days or a week or something. I forget exactly because I read it years ago, but he lost 12 pounds or something. He said it was hellish. It was like being in prison. He actually did this diet while checked into a facility just in case he had an emergency. Anyway, the point is, it’s not worth it! Mentally, it can be healthy and you learn about yourself. It’s a character building exercise. However, physically it is awful.

    Thanks for writing about it!


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