It’s Fantasy Football Time!

Let’s get ready to rumbleee

Cue the Sunday Night Football Intro with Faith Hill (sorry Carrie, she will forever do it better).

It’s Fantasy Football Day!

I am totally excited to be in a fantasy football league this year, after participating in a NHL Playoff Pool a few months ago with my family & their friends I figured why not, we already watch so much football around here, it could be fun. But you can always find my family in front of the tvs every time there’s a game on, flipping between channels on Sunday Afternoons (unless the Cowboys or Pats are playing, of course).

Here’s a little glimpse of me cheering on the Dallas Cowboys

& back to the Draft..

So I am keeping this super short & sweet since I need to prep for tonight… I talked to my brothers about Fantasy Football & they explained the whole thing (researching players, picking guys, staying up to date on things since you’ll have to drop guys & bring guys up), all that was going through my head was ‘what the hell did I get myself into’..
Oh also, according to my brothers you need a bomb fantasy football team name, i’ve never been the most creative so we’ll see what happens here.

If you need me i’ll be researching players & doing mock drafts all damn day.

If you are in a Fantasy Football League, good luck with your picks & this season!

Footballs back baby
xo cd


7 thoughts on “It’s Fantasy Football Time!

  1. I totally didn’t realize you were in our league until last night! I did my planning last night and have been asking Paul a million questions, so I think we’re all lost in this big fantasy football maze. See you in the draft tonight!

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