4 Months to go.. Hello September

Aloha loves!

Hard to believe summer is coming to an end after this long weekend. Honestly, is it just me or is 2018 just flying by.

So the long weekend marks going back to school for most university students. & my little brother left yesterday to start his first year at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia & I miss him already… I honestly have been in a little bit of a funk since & once my other brother goes back to school I’ll be an only child & I really don’t know how I feel about it. I’ll miss them more than anything (they don’t like to hear it but they already know that..). August was a little crazy, I saw Kenny Chesney (my love) in concert to start the month, attended Boots & Hearts for the 7th year in a row, spent time at the cottage & read so many books, it was nice to relax a little! September marks a whole new month & I already have way to much planned for one month (most of it work related..). Cue the stress. I tried to get ahead of work this past week so I can balance some projects a little better with my busy schedule. I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon!

Injury Update: After getting my pinky finger stuck in a really heavy door in May, I can finally stop updating you on how this is going. Thank goodness. My nail is almost grown in & looking pretty. All I can say is thank goodness!

Dating Update: Nothing new to report here…. Last month covered it all so don’t even ask.

Here is a quick recap incase you missed any posts from August!

Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’. Is it just me or is this list looking smaller then the ‘Hello August’ update:

  • Read 50 Books- read 21 so far, on my 22nd (getting there, slowly but surely)! Currently reading: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k by Mark Manson
  • Start a Pilates Barre/Yoga business- WOO I’m starting teaching in October at a local studio, wish me luck! 
  • Spend less each month (aka no impulse purchases)- I really love my new budget spreadsheet. This month was tough with spending & a million social outings but I tried my best & actually saved way more than I thought I would. Plus, after how good I did saving last month I will allow it. Also, just shows how much I prefer saving over spending these days
  • Purge closet/dresser 3 times this year- 2/3 completed
  • Focus on my health: Physically I have been very very consistent with my workouts, I also started working with a nutritionist to help me with some gut issues. Monitoring how much I eat, what I eat, & drinking really put things in perspective for me! It has been a tough month of clean eating but so worth it! I’m actually starting a juice cleanse Monday, wish me luck…   
  • Close Apple Watch rings everyday for one month- closed 18/30 days last month! Heartbreaking, I know but in my defense I did take my watch off for almost a week which was a first (I felt so naked) -If you have an apple watch & want to be friends, contact me! I love a little healthy competition 
  • Be less negative- been picking a focus for the day & trying to focus on it! Septembers focus: Believe in all that you have to offer! 

Did you make any New Years Goals? Have you been sticking to them?
I would love to hear how you are doing and/or if you have any suggestions about anything & everything or recipes/activities I should try!

xo cd


6 thoughts on “4 Months to go.. Hello September

  1. I didn’t make any New Year’s goals, but I’m trying to be consistent with a few things. Now that my ankle isn’t bothering me anymore, I want to get back to running at least three times a week. I’m two weeks out from my 5k, so hopefully I can get back on track. I’ve also been reading a lot. I got two books out last week so I’m hoping to finish both by the time they’re due in now two weeks. I’m also trying to take some time for myself because I don’t want to let working two jobs let me get run down. Hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

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