Turning into a Plant Momma


I am already super excited writing this post & I have no idea why, maybe because I kill plants/flowers so quickly (I killed a succulent & you barely have to water those things), I definitely do not have a green thumb at all.

So about a few months ago, I bought myself a little aloe plant for my room!
So while the plant was in my room, we lost the three bottom aloe leaves… cue the freak out, I was killing it & I had it for less than a month.
I moved him to the kitchen & with a little loving kind words (yes, the apple experiment taught me something) he is flourishing & growing!

Some of the benefits of having an Aloe Plant in your home:

  • What’s great it is that it emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide.  Leading to a purer quality of air & can help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • You have a natural healer already in the house!
  • They are rich in vitamins & minerals. You can grow your own plant to use for skin care, digestive aid, etc. Instead of spending money on aloe leaves, aloe water, & whatever other aloe stuff you can buy!

As you can tell, I’m on cloud 9 that I have kept my aloe plant alive for this long. It feels like an accomplishment considering I somehow killed my succulents … Those things don’t die.

Just one more picture of my little guy:

You can say I’m one proud plant momma these days
xo cd


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