Cass’ Case of Writers Block – Part 2

Happy Saturday!

So lately I have been MIA, avoiding visiting WordPress because yet again I have been having a hard time putting anything, honestly anything in writing. I have opened & closed my own blog too many times to count this month, I just have not been able to find the inspiration to put any words in writing. I have sat down countless times with a glass of wine & tried to put something together, something that never gets completed or something that just isn’t me. Today I tried again & closed my computer too quickly.

I know that writers block is a thing, but it makes me wonder if there is some sort of stress keeping me locked up? Is it that challenges are holding me back from writing a full post!

So again, I am sitting here with a hefty glass of wine. I read a whole book in 24 hours thanks to the rain this afternoon keeping me inside.

So I know this isn’t the first time I’ve now written about having writers block (note the part 2). I’ll just be here jotting my ideas down & toying with how to share them!

Again there was no editing, no over reading, just posting the words that are hopefully flowing together on the beautiful Saturday Night!

xo cd


5 thoughts on “Cass’ Case of Writers Block – Part 2

  1. I saw your blog name in my Reader and the following thoughts went through my head within a 0.9 second time span: “Yes! A new post from Cass, I guess she got over her writers blo…oh, it’s about writers block. Well, at least it’s something!” Haha hang in there.

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  2. Yeah, I’m with Paul. No worries though. I go weeks without posting sometimes. I think after my first 10 months I then took two months of not writing anything to just rest. Nowadays I don’t really have writer’s block. For me it’s more like no time to write. I overanalyze for sure, but most of the time I just can’t get enough time. I wish I wasn’t so busy but a house, a family, a job gets in the way. It’s all good though. Someday I plan on writing full time. As for you, you’ll be fine. Life is filled with ups and downs. Strikes and gutters I call them. I betcha you’ll be out of that funk in no time. Good luck!

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