Time Flies! Hello August!

Hey Hey

It is honestly super crazy to think that we are already more than half way through 2018 & believe me I can not believe how fast this year is flying by, how is it honestly already August…
July was a good month, I was able to really balance life & work which was amazing, I even learned a very important lesson with budgeting & how important it is to track spending, etc. I feel like an adult these day…

August is here & I can not wait. My friends & I had made all these plans months ago & it’s finally time! We go to this country music festival every August & we are officially on the one week countdown which is pretty exciting (more to come about this). We also bought this concert pass for the summer (Country Mega Ticket) & most of the concerts are this month, I am super excited to see my favourite country artist, kenny Chesney, tomorrow night. I have literally been fan-girling these past few months & listened to his new album for at least the first 24 hours straight! Safe to say this is about to be an expensive month, but that’s where my ‘adult budgeting’ comes into play right? Kidding, this month is a write off!
This month is also a slow month with work which is nice, I’ll have some more time to read & write, spend time with my friends, & also spend time with my brothers before they both go back to university!

Injury Update: After getting my pinky finger stuck in a really heavy door three months ago. It has been healing very nicely, & it is looking like it will only be a matter of time until I have a pretty nail again!

Dating Update: Figured I should update you one last time to remind you just how pathetic I am when it comes to dates & what not. So I met a guy through some friends recently, we hit it off, but then he dropped this bomb about how he was literally moving to Europe that weekend to play hockey for the next 8 months… I cancelled the date & we are still talking but I mean he’s totally all the way across the world right now, so this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Darn athletes.
Also, my boss & our non profits members have officially decided that they want to find someone for me & will not sleep until they do. I can’t lie it was the funniest thing. One of them was talking about his nephew who’s a firefighter & another chimed in asking me if I wanted to see ‘his hose’. I left the conversation real quick. This is something I am honestly now going to keep you all up to date on (get it.. noo.. okay).

Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’. Unfortunately not much has changed after this past month:

  • Read 50 Books- read 17 so far, on my 18th! Currently reading: Slash by Slash & Anthony Bozza
  • Travel to 5 places- Already traveled to South Africa (Cape Town, Sabi Sands & Tjakastad), Botswana & Zimbabwe 5/5, (pretty sure this counts as 5 already). 
  • Have 2 Vegan days per week –Have been eating at least two or three meatless days per week.
  • Get my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate- Officially a certified yoga teacher
  • Start a Pilates Barre/Yoga business- Working on my Yoga Resume! Wish me luck.
  • Spend less each month (aka no impulse purchases)- So I made myself a spreadsheet where I have everything calculated for (how much money coming in & how much going out). It has really opened my eyes to how much MORE (key word here) money I can be saving! I had a no spend week in July & it was amazing!
  • Learn something new this year- so not happening this year 
  • Purge closet/dresser 3 times this year- 2/3 completed, purge for summer complete… 
  • Become involved with a cause I care about- guess there is always next year…
  • Complete a 10km run- Toronto Waterfront 10km completed!!
  • Complete a half marathon– not going to do a half marathon this year but that’s totally okay, there is always next year 🙂 
  • Grow my LinkedIn Network: Hit 400 Connections by end of 2018
  • Focus on my health: Physically I have been very very consistent with my workouts, in July I made a vow to eat more good food & eat out less which really helped! I have so much more energy these days (if that’s possible) 
  • Close Apple Watch rings everyday for one month- closed 27/30 days last month (so close)! -If you have an apple watch & want to be friends, contact me! I love a little healthy competition 
  • Be less negative- been picking a focus for the day & trying to focus on it! Augusts focus: go with the flow! 

Did you make any New Years Goals? Have you been sticking to them?
I would love to hear how you are doing and/or if you have any suggestions about anything & everything or recipes/activities I should try!

‘Go with the flow’
xo cd


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