Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, but now it’s back to reality…

I was lucky enough to spend this past weekend at the cottage, this summer I have been trying to get to the cottage more often & I have already been up there more than I have in previous years. I have been noticing just how much I need weekends like this!
So this weekend was weird weather wise, Saturday was one of those chilly summer Saturdays where you cuddle up with a good book & some tea all day! However with all the reading I got in, it was very clear that I have been needing a relaxing weekend where I honestly ignore my phone, the TV, etc. I can not lie I did end up listening to the local Classic Rock Station all day with my mom & we had some impromptu dancing & singing moments. Before you say anything, I am a slight Classic Rock junkie, I grew up on the classics & find the songs so captivating in the way the artists/bands played the instruments or sang.

After falling asleep relatively early on Friday night,  I woke up more refreshed than I have in a while on Saturday & I actually slept the whole night! Who would have thought the country air had this sort of impact on you. So after feeling all refreshed, I decided to go for a run while everyone was sleeping. I ended up loosing track of time & distance & running 10km (I did walk a little, I’m not that crazy), & I couldn’t be more excited. This was the first time I have ever ran over 7kms just cause. The three other times I have ran over 10kms was literally for a 10km race I was participating in, I never even do that during training. But my body is now feeling it!


Post 10km on the back country roads!

This past weekend I also started reading a new book, & I was on cloud nine. I started reading the Slash book written by Slash & Anthony Bozza. Can I just start by saying: Oh My Lord. I have yet to be so captivated by a book since I read Rocks by Joe Perry about a year ago. You can bet your bottom dollar I read like a mad woman this past weekend, I could not for the life of me put this book down.


My next read!

Clearly I stayed up late Saturday Night curled up with Slash (kidding, just the book version..). I woke up Sunday ready for another relaxing day. I would go into more detail but I am pretty sure Sunday played out like any other Sunday does in my life. I did however skip my usual Sunday Morning run, but I went Saturday so that’s okay with me! I watched the F1 race with my family in the morning (my parents love it), had some bacon & eggs for breakfast, read my book, went on the boat (yay, the weather cooperated) & then read some more before heading back to the city. It was a very much needed relaxing weekend that my mind & body clearly needed.

Also, it might be Monday but guess who doesn’t have the Monday Blue today? You guessed it, me! I am already counting down till the Bacheloretttes Men Tell All tonight, oh & this is a pretty exciting, event filled week, meaning the weekend will be here in no time!

Can you believe that August is literally right around the corner?
Hope you all have a very productive & lovely week!

xo cd


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Wow Cass, that is awesome! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I’m happy for you. I wish we had a Summer cottage out in the country. That sounds heavenly.

    You know what else is heavenly?……Classic Rock!!!! That’s right. I dig it the most. Of course, I’m older than you so that explains it but still, we have a lot in common. My favorite band ever is Guns ‘N Roses so yeah I wanna read that Slash book. Your pic is actually the first time I’ve seen that book cover. I’ll send you a book or three and maybe you can send me that Slash book when you’re done…

    Love your running. I ran today and it went pretty well. It was hot and humid but not too bad. I only ran 1.3 miles. If you’re on MapMyRun friend me so I can get more motivated.

    Have a great week!!!



    • Hey Reid!
      Great job on the running, sounds like your getting in the groove. I wish, i dont currently use an app to track runs, I got the apple watch specifically for runs so i could slowly delete apps off my phone, whoops!

      Classic rock is heavenly I completely agree! That’s awesome Guns N Roses is your favorite. Right now I have a few people lined up to read it after, so hopefully down the road. It is really long & I can’t believe I am saying this but it’s been a tough & slow read, unfortunately

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll never forget when I first heard GNR. I was on the bus with a friend in about 7th grade and he taught me all about them. We used Sony Walkmans that played cassette tapes back in those days. Wow, funny memories. Great memories! This kid knew every word by heart and I was enthralled. “It’s So Easy” stood out right away. For whatever reason that song rocks. I’m surprised to hear that the book might be a tough read. On the other hand, I’ve never had it recommended to me and I’m not even sure when it was released. I’ll look into it. I can always buy it myself anyway. Can you send me your address privately so that I can mail you some books? I’m happy to share b/c I have way too many books around anyway.



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