5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Hi Loves,

I was a little unsure if I should share some of the things I am lovin lately, but I figured why not! So I don’t obviously do this kind of thing, but here I am, sharing my love of a few items I have recently become quite obsessed with over the last few months!

1.  20 oz Yeti Rambler Tumblr

I am a notorious tea-drinker & water bottle carrier. I have tried many reusable tumblr brands & have my favourites. So after searching around (& stealing my brothers tumbler to try before I buy), I decided to indulge & treat myself to a new Stainless Steel, Aluminum Grade Tumbler for the winter. Now before you go & judge me for spending forty dollars on a tumbler, I promise you it was the best purchase I have made in a while!
I literally bring this tumblr everywhere & it is my new must have accessory! I have the 20oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler in seafoam. Yeti has amazing products & I am in the process of deciding if I should buy myself the larger size tumblr as well..

2. Sage Peppermint Halo Roller Ball

I am one of those people that gets headaches really easy & could pop advils all day to try & forget about the pain. Until recently. Like I mentioned above, I switched over to trying natural remedies & finally found a life saver! The Sage Peppermint Halo Headache Relief Roller Ball is a miracle worker & I now have like three spread around so I always have it with me! I find that incorporating this into my daily routines (even if I don’t have a headache) has really helped minimize just how often I get them now!

3. Philosophy Made Simple Pore Extractor Exfoliating Mask

So let me start by saying a few weeks ago I  lucky to win a bottle of Philosophy Made Simple Pore Extractor Exfoliating Mask from Dave Lackie. I never win anything, I was so shocked that I won something for once that I was beyond excited, plus I was going to buy this mask so I saved some money as well (bonus).  Lately I have been working a ton (aka stressful) & doing hot yoga like crazy, was worth a shot! This mask is made with purifying white clay, salicylic acid and natural exfoliants, this creamy formula helps draw out impurities from pores.  The mask will get rid blackheads and shrink the look of pores while the skin is left looking refreshed, and glowing. I am not saying its a miracle worker or anything but my skin has been slowly feeling better & this mask really does draw out all the guck, & leaving my skin feeling cleaner than ever! 

4. Longchamp Le Pliage backpack

I have never really been a backpack person, but I decided to buy a Longchamp Le Pliage backpack in grey for a trip to Europe last summer, & instantly fell in love. Obviously I felt super guilty about spending over $100 on a tiny backpack, but I can say I have officially overused this thing & got my moneys worth. I use it more then a purse these days & find it so convenient to just grab & go. It fits everything I need (wallet, planner, a book, large water bottle/empty yeti mug, etc.) & still stays pretty light! I have always been a purse person & I never thought I would be using a backpack this often. Plus it helps that it is super easy to clean!

5. Soapwalla Natural Deodorant

So probably almost two years ago now, I switched everything over to natural products (shampoo, face creams, lip balms, body wash, everything!). I heard about Soapwalla Deodorant while on a trip to the dominican almost 2 years ago now, & I will never go back to using any other products! Soapwalla is an organic/vegan deodorant cream. Soapwalla is all natural and uniquely powerful. Superfine vegetable powders and clays with a combination of essential oils, absorb moisture, & discourage bacteria. Believe me when I say, this is one long lasting deodorant & lasts during these humid summer days.

Now tell me, what are you lovin lately ? (That just oddly sounded like a country song… Now I’m singing. This needs to stop).

xo cd


7 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. You know what I’m lovin’? I’m lovin’ readin’ your blog posts lately! Also, we had a wonderful trip out to Toronto, Niagara Falls, Boston, and Cooperstown. It was an incredible trip. Now that we’re back home, I’m trying to get back in better shape with running and workouts. Thanks for the motivation Cass! As far as “stuff”, I’m lovin’ our new propane fire pit on the back deck. I’m excited about a new basketball hoop we’re getting installed on the driveway. I’m happy with all the souvenirs I bought from the trip including a fantastic Chipper Jones Hall of Fame lithograph. What else???? Hmmmm. I’m enjoying Coors Light lately (too much probably!) I’m a simple guy. I’m just happy watching sports, reading, writing, and working out. Thanks!!!!

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      • I’m currently writing a “travelblog” and hopefully can find time to get it published. I’ve been doing so much yardwork the last two days I need a break. I hope you enjoy my travelblog. I’m sure you’ll find the Toronto part especially interesting. Thanks Cass!!!

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  2. #2 on this list stood out to me because I also get headaches really easily. Normally I take a Tylenol and sit in a quiet room trying not to move my head while applying an ice pack to my forehead/back of neck. It ends up working (eventually) but it’s still a pain (literally).

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      • For me, when I get headaches I think it’s because of dehydration so I start pounding water. Also, I believe in Excedrin (the headache medicine). It truly works for me every single time. I hope you guys aren’t getting migraines. I’ve never had those but from what I hear they are the worst!

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