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With the warm weather finally here to stay (at least for the next few months), I always find this new love for blasting music which is weird considering I always drive with loud music. But with the summer I find I listen to my music cranked up in jeep (maybe its because I never have a roof on the car, but who knows).

Before you read this list just know that I am a huge country music fan & can listen to it anytime of the year, but don’t worry I do mix in other music (I listen to almost anything from classic rock to rap).

Clearly this was hard to do, considering I have so many favourite artists & songs but that being said here is my top 15 summer jams I can’t help but rock out to on replay!

Honorable mention: Anything country really

15. Don’t Tread on Me by Granger Smith

14. Better off Gone by Logan Mize

13. Caught up in the Country by Rodney Atkins

12. I Hate Love Songs by Kelsea Ballerini

11. Lovers by David Fanning

10. Drunk Me by Mitchell Tenpenny

9. Fan Girl by Michael Ray

8. Dose of Country by Dean Brody

7. Dress Down by Brennin

6. Anthem by Brett Kissel

5. Lose It by Kane Brown

4. Take It From Me by Jordan Davis

3. Denim on Demin by Tebey

2. My Lips Your Kiss by Blackjack Billy

1. Any Kenny Chesney Song!

What are you currently listening to?

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9 thoughts on “Currently on Replay

  1. Well this explains why you recognize every song on The Bachelorette and I don’t. Truthfully I don’t know any of these, BUT a country song I heard recently that i like is called Long Live The Night by The Reklaws.

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  2. Cass, you are so cute. Am I stupid because I’ve never heard of any of these songs? I need to up my game I suppose. Nonetheless, I love your post. I need to think of my own list and then I might copy your idea. Thanks!


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