My Bachelorette Season 14 Picks

Hey Hey Loves!

Happy Tuesday!

So last night was Bachelorette Monday! I know I never officially posted about my Bachelorette picks for this season (I mean’t to but got side tracked with work & life) but you can catch my thoughts on Becca’s Season over at The Captains Speech! If you read his latest post, you’ll see me have a slight heart attack at the end & no I still have not recovered from last nights heartbreak, just saying.

So my top 5 picks for Becca’s Season were:

  • Blake
  • Wills
  • Clay
  • Ryan
  • Garret

Next week is hometowns so how are my picks holding up:

  • Blake: serious front runner. We witnessed him be the first guy to say he loved Becca. I mean I can see this relationship working out but I personally have fallen in love with him myself, but the world isn’t going to work in my favour so here’s to hoping Blake finds some love on national TV. As always, Go Blake!
  • Wills: so sweet, kinda nerdy & very very adorable. He has the biggest heart & I am really really heart broken she sent him home last night. I actually can’t right now. I just can’t. Still so upset over this one! He was too good for this show anyways, but he’ll be on paradise so I’ll be tuning in!
  • Clay: I was super shocked when he had to leave but we all understood why. I think he could have made it pretty darn far if he didn’t leave.
  • Ryan: the adorable banjoist. No lie, kinda disappointing that ABC did not show much of him this season, I do wish we got to know him a little better!
  • Garrett: oh garrett. I can definitely see him & Becca working out or being engaged at the end of this season. For some reason they oddly balance each other out & seem kinda perfect. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m 100% team Blake but I think Garrett has a real shot of proposing to Becca at the end of this season.

I have 2/5 still in the race for Becca’s heart! Not bad but just slightly shocked!
Hmm maybe next season we should start a Bachelor/Bachelorette Pool, make it interesting… I mean only if your interested..

How are your Bachelorette picks doing this far in the game?

xo cd


2 thoughts on “My Bachelorette Season 14 Picks

  1. Maybe the most shocking thing this season was they didn’t have the banjoist play his banjo. That was a missed opportunity. For my picks, I still have Blake, Garret, and Colton in it. I think my other 2 were Joey Grocery and Clay. It’s kinda sad that we could pick out the “good guys” after just one episode. Everyone else is just filler.

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