Exciting Announcement

Big things are slowly in the works here at Uniquely Cass!

I am so delighted to announce that Uniquely Cass is now a Fab Fit Fun Partner! I personally have been receiving these boxes for over a year now & am completely obsessed. I can not wait to share my love for this not only this box but the products with you all & I do hope you’ll enjoy this box as much as I do!

Just want to say thank you @fabfitfun for introducing me to some of my all-time favourite products. #fabfitfunaffiliate
There’s something nice about having all of the season’s #essentials delivered to your door without having to lift a finger! 🙂
If you don’t already get their boxes, you can sign up using the code NEW10 at FabFitFun.com to get $10 off your box! #fabfitfun

I already can not wait for my fall box to arrive & I just got my summer box a few weeks ago!

xo cdPost-Summer-Editors-ACQ-SU18-RL-4_preview


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