1st NHL Playoff Pool Experience- Part 2

Hello Hockey Fans!

You may be wondering why I am posting Part 2 before the NHL Stanley Cup Finals start tonight.. Well I have been putting off finishing this post for about roughly a week now & the pain has finally washed away..

If you are late to the game & missed Part 1 covering the lead-up, round 1 & round 2, click here to check it out now before you get confused.

Round 3 Recap: 

Safe to say I started round 3 on an okay note, sitting in 9th place to start this round off! I had pretty good chance of moving up (according me, that is). With only 12 guys left, I was praying for all the help I could get…
So we all know by now that Vegas beat Winnipeg & blah blah blah.. Great I know right. I would be happier if I didn’t have 8 guys on Winnipeg picked & the team… I lost 9 people thanks to this series alone. But overall thanks for a great series.
Now over to Tampa & Washington series. I’m going to be brutally honest, I really have not watched much of this series but apparently a game 7 was pushed. Yes, I am profusely sweating now. I literally have 4/5 guys playing on Tampa & if they loose, well I can say goodbye to beating my brothers & my dad.. I’m competitive by nature okay
So fast forward to the end of the series & well Washington beat Tampa… My worst nightmare but I couldn’t have beat them anyways being behind them in points anyways. So for round 4, I currently only have 1 guy left in my pool.
I basically am done for the season.. Goodbye Cass!


What I learned is that even though I know sports & blah blah blah.. I clearly cannot ‘Run with the Bulls’ (my brothers words not mine..).
But there is always next year & now I know I have to pay a little more attention to TSN in the mornings.
Till then, I’ll be sipping wine on Monday Nights & keeping up with my brackets for the Bachelorette tonight!
You can bet I have wine already chilling in the fridge for tonight…

Get your brackets ready friends!
So from hockey to reality TV (quick switch… I know, sorry sports fans).
Are you watching the Bachelorette this season? I wanna know who’s in your top 5!

So ready for this damn season
xo cd




6 thoughts on “1st NHL Playoff Pool Experience- Part 2

  1. Sounds like you had a good run! I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted a Washington/Vegas final.

    I’m more excited for the bachelorette tonight than I am for Game 1. Haven’t read any bios yet but I’ll throw a top 5 power rankings into my post tomorrow for ya.

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  2. I’m interested in this Stanley Cup. I feel like one of the few that would be happy with a Capitals Championship. The Vegas story is cool but think about it, if they win the Cup in their 1st year, the rest of their franchise’s history will be all downhill. It will be nothing but disappointment for their fans for decades. Rather, if they lose they have created tremendous interest and it will make for a better “climb” to the top of the mountain.

    Man, I think I just sold this. I’m not a good salesman but I did ok with this one. I should write a column, “For the good of their franchise, the Vegas Knights should try to lose this Cup.”

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