1st NHL Playoff Pool Experience- Part 1

Hey hey sports fans!

NHL Playoffs Round 2 is done & I have somehow mildly survived in my pool so far…


My dad & my brothers do this hockey pool every year & this year they asked me to join, somehow convinced me (they said I could win some serious cash… Count me in). I went to pick & guess what I was surprised with… You don’t pick team brackets… You pick real life, living, breathing athletes (my dream guy right.. keep dreaming Cass, keep on dreaming), you catch my drift? I had to pick players.. Cue the worrying… I picked my players & had till 6 pm to change anything, little did they know my boss’ husband is a huge hockey fan & looked over my picks, apparently I did pretty good (slay girl)

Round 1 Recap:

Alright, started at the bottom with everyone else but after a few days & getting a ton of points from the Boston, Tampa & Winnipeg players I picked, this girl made it to the top. Cue the celebration. Not only did I make it to first place but I also sat there for roughly 4 consecutive nights.. Holla at your girl!
Then one day I woke up & was in like 5th place, I celebrated to early.. I got excited & let it get to my head.
Overall I only lost 3 guys… Not bad Cass, not bad at all.

Round 2 Recap:

Round two is always tough, most people have lost a few guys, others have guys that aren’t doing anything..
Let’s just say I did not do well in the standings but of course all my guys are facing each other… I have guys on Tampa & Boston left in the East, In the West I had only guys on Nashville, Winnipeg & one Vegas guy (he hasn’t been useful to me at all..)
With the Penguins out, I feel like I have some wiggle room to move (bye bye Crosby).
I have sat in the teens, not even making the top ten this round..
But than Nashville & Winnipeg final happened… Lets just say out of my 22 picks for the pool, I had 10 players & Winnipeg as the winner, this had me sweating big time.
Update: Winnipeg just won, meaning I live to see another day in my hockey pool & have a serious chance at winning some money (you go girl). Yes, I am currently dancing around my room.
Overall I lost an astonishing 6 guys this round… Can’t wait to wake up & see how far I jumped in the standings (smell ya later 17th)

That being said, stay tuned friends Round 3 is just getting started..

Please keep me in your prayers this round
xo cd


8 thoughts on “1st NHL Playoff Pool Experience- Part 1

  1. Wowee what a rollercoaster of a post this was. From 1st to 17th!? Cass! What happened?? I would’ve lost my mind, but by the sounds of it you’re in pretty good position with Winnipeg moving on. And if you can get back into 1st place, man what a story that would be! Anyways good luck!

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