Five Day Apple Experiment

Hi All,

Recently as part of my ‘Om-Work’ (Yoga Teacher Training Homework) we had to complete an experiment, I mean I know it’s not the most exciting thing to share but I fell like there is some sort of a lesson but also I felt like I was back in elementary school & I actually enjoyed it! I also ended up trying to get my whole family on board & encouraged them to participate in this experiment with me (sadly my brothers think I’m an odd-ball & wouldn’t participate, but at least my parents have my back). I decided to start the Apple Experiment in the first few days of April, it seemed like it was an easier way to track it. We only had to keep the halves in the same environment for a few days to a week, I chose 5 days, not a full week but just a little over a few days.
In a nutshell, the Apple Experiment goes like this: You cut an apple in half, place them on separate saucers or in bowls in the same environment. I placed one half by the window & the other half by the kitchen green bin. You have to speak kindly to one of the halves (this is the one I placed near the window) & the other half you speak unkindly to (this is the one placed by kitchen green bin).

Over five days, here is what I observed:

Day 1:
– Spoke very kindly to the apple by the window, kept saying it was pretty.
– Spoke unkind to the apple by the kitchen green bin, mentioned it was smelly & ugly.
– End of day: they looked the exact same…

Day 2:
– The kind words apple (thats my new name for it) is still looking quite fresh, not going brown just yet
– The disgusting apple (way to harsh I know..) is starting to look brown

Day 3:
– Kind word apple still looking pretty edible, nothing to significant going on
– The disgusting apple is starting to look rather unappealing, its getting brown & looking withered.
– End of day observation: starting to notice a difference between the two.
– Also, my brothers are now constantly calling me crazy for talking to apples ….

Day 4:
– Slowly starting to get annoyed with the results

Day 5:
– Hmm, end of day observation: slight difference but really nothing drastic

Day 6:
– I was so determined to see a difference I said ‘F-it’ (but actually swore) & left the apples out for one more day… Sorry fam
– The one negative apple clearly is a little more bruised & brown then the apple that was spoken to kindly
–  Overall: there was a slight difference nothing to drastic


What was the point of this experiment?
Well this experiment is a way to show how your words & thoughts even affect not only you, others around you, but also living organisms. This was a great way to teach the importance of speaking kindly. Sadly, the experiment was said to show drastic differences, I however did not see any drastic changes. There is always next time…
The power of positivity & the power of kind words is a very strong force.
Overall: I had some fun with this, it kept me entertained & really helped me watch my words, which made me an overall nicer person to have a conversation with.

As Ellen always says “be kind to one another” but actually mean it!

& back to making sure my hockey pool is actually doing something tonight, wish me luck (I need it is I plan on beating my brothers & my dad)

xo cd


10 thoughts on “Five Day Apple Experiment

  1. I want to leave a comment but I’m not sure what to say. Initially I was going to laugh at you for talking to apples but then I realized the whole purpose of the experiment was to be kinder to each other and I didn’t want to contradict that while those apple images are nearby (they might hear me). So, I’m stumped. This was fun to read, I’m now craving an apple, and good luck in the hockey pool!

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  3. I think if I were to do this same experiment, the apples would look awful dark, gory, and scary within 2 days much less 6 days. Either I’m a really meanie or my house is filled with bacteria and grime. (Maybe my words are filled with bacteria and grime…..hmmmmm.) Anyway, cool experiment. I’m gonna share with my kids and see if they want to replicate. For what it’s worth, I think your “kind words apple” does look much better indeed. Therefore, I proclaim that your experiment worked!

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    • Let me know how that goes if you try it, I think this would be such a great thing to try with kids to show just how powerful their words can be! Thank you I appreciate the kind words about my better looking apple, I was a little distraught but it did teach me a lot surprisingly

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