Goodbye March, Hello April

Happy Easter & Passover loves!

So I totally missed my March update (but I am posting this a day early because I can.. muaha) on how the goals I set in January have been coming along, so much has happened this past month that have had me a little pre-occupied. February & March were extremely busy on my end, I have finally settled into my job & yoga is time consuming as well. I am finally getting back into a steady grove & April is about to be a full month again.
I recently signed up to compete in a 30 Day- Grow Your Yoga Challenge for the month of April at our local Moksha Yoga Studio, this will be interesting. I also signed up for the Toronto Waterfront 10km happening in June, with only two months till the race, it is time to get my butt training & running! I am really looking forward to hitting the pavement & get back to moving regularly, I have been full of excuses lately because ‘I am drained’ or ‘I had a long day at work’ but I am determined to make April my best month yet..

Here is a quick monthly recap of how things are looking so far! Here’s my ‘Goals for 2018’

  • Read 50 Books- read 7 so far, currently reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green (Book #8)
  • Travel to 5 new locations- Already travelled to South Africa (Cape Town, Sabi Sands & Tjakastad, But I am counting that all as one  not anymore, I am counting that as 3 locations, 5 is alot considering I am now working full time & I came up with the number 5 while I wasn’t working!). Currently looking into a few trips, nothing finalized yet! 3/5
  • Have 2 Vegan days per week –been getting better as the month went on! Trying to have at least two meatless days per week.
  • Adapt to a vegetarian diet – after much deliberation & after talking to my personal trainer I have decided I am not going to do this, figured the best way is to balance & have a few meatless days. its the way to go 
  • Get my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate- halfway done my course, this is getting intense. Will be a certified yoga teacher come June 
  • Start a Pilates Barre/Yoga business- Not going to think about this till at least June, might just teach private classes
  • Spend less each month (aka no impulse purchases)- getting there, but I have been saving more lately! 
  • Learn something new this year- still deciding what!!
  • Purge closet/dresser 3 times this year- sold around half my wardrobe, currently getting together a pile for a local women’s shelter. 1/3 completed 
  • Become involved with a cause I care about- been researching which one, want to pick the right one. 
  • Run a minimum of 8 km per week- Haven’t been running much, I prefer running outside & the weather has been odd, so soon! 
  • Complete a 10km run- All signed up for the Toronto Waterfront 10km
  • Complete a half marathon– in the process of picking one
  • Focus on my health: Choose healthy food options when dining out, Workout 4-5 times weekly, Drink less often, & Drink more water!! – have been very good about my diet & attending yoga twice per week, but have been slacking on closing my apple watch rings 
  • Be less negative- been picking a focus for the day & trying to focus on it! 
  • Smile more & be less serious

Now that this year is slowly in motion I may change around the goal names, but keeping them the same. I also have a few other things I would like to add, so stay tunes for next months update!
As I complete goals, or achieve them I will be marking them off the list, that way we know they are completed!
It has been tough for me to stay motivated but nothing like reflecting on my personal goals to keep me going! Have you been sticking to the goals you set for yourself in 2018??

Stay motivated
xo cd


3 thoughts on “Goodbye March, Hello April

  1. Hi Cass,

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Great post. You have so many good goals for 2018. I hope you accomplish them all. You know reading them made me want to get better at some of them. Such as drinking more water! Learning something new is an interesting one. I’ve adopted one meatless day a week, will continue that now that lent is over. What sort of books do you like to read?

    Keep being amazing! 🙂


    • Hi Jim,

      Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend as well! I really hope so too, thank you for the kind words!
      Im so flattered that my own goals have been adopted & that you seem to be doing great with your own, its very very motivating!
      Book wise I read almost anything. I do love my beach reads (Elin Hilderbrand, Mary Kay Andrews), the Bridget Jones books are a love of mine along with Nicolas Sparks novels. I really do love reading rocker biographies/autobiographies as well (I just got the Motley Crue one, the Slash one & the Bruce Springsteen one) I’m super excited to read those.
      What types of books are you currently reading? I always love suggestions

      Keep being amazing as well Jim 🙂


  2. My Easter was nice. Spent it with family. My uncle always hosts Easter. You are an inspiring person for sure. I didn’t even know Motley Crue and Slash had an autobiography? Let me know what you think of it. I just got the Jenna Fisher book, it’s centered on her acting career and her path in the business. I’m excited to read it. I must know what your favorite Nicholas Sparks books are and movies. I’m a huge fan. Love romance!

    Hope to hear back from you Cass 🙂


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