Cass’ Case of Writers Block

For so long I contemplated creating a blog, I jotted down ideas that ranged from blog names to the type of topics I wanted to write about & share with the world. I was so hell bent on sharing & finally putting myself out there, but once I had finally picked the perfect name for a blog, once i toyed around with the layout, and once I posted my first post, it seems I came down with a case of writers block….

I may be new at this, but writing had always come easy to me, I was able to write about something I loved or a topic I loved & it came out great (or at least I thought it did). But the second I finally decided to put my thoughts & experiences out there, I had a case of writers block..

I know it is a common thing & I jot down notes as I think of things, but writing is suddenly for the first time not coming easily. Could it be stress? Could it be that something I used to love is not a full fledged passion anymore? Is it that challenges are holding me back? What do I truly love to write about?

As I lay here, it is not only already past my bedtime (i’m slowly turning into a granny) but also hoping my phone does not fall on my face, I finally put the words that have been circulating in my head in writing. Hopefully as I let these words flood from my system, I let them sit with me but now I can let them go & truly get back to what I love!

In the meantime, bear with me while I figure out my words & try to put ideas or words or maybe both together. I know this isn’t just something I struggle with personally but I am trying to give this writing thing a go tonight & see what comes out: no editing, no over reading, just posting the words that are hopefully flowing together!

‘Today I will not stress over things I can’t control’

Stay creative

xo cd


One thought on “Cass’ Case of Writers Block

  1. Hey! I went through the same thing in the first few months of my blog. I’d write three sentences and delete two of them because I felt like every word was going to be judged. There wasn’t a lot of fun in it, every blog post felt like I was writing an essay for school rather than having a conversation. And then one night, as cheesy as it sounds, I just wrote straight from my heart and pressed publish before I could think twice, and 5 years later it’s still the best post I’ve ever written. You’re a good writer, Cass. I have no doubt you’ll figure this out!

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