Yoga Teacher Training

Good Evening Loves,

About 2 months, I decided to embark on a life changing journey, a much needed personal journey. I decided after at least five years of saying I wanted to be a yoga teacher, I bit the bullet & decided to actually enrol in a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. I figured while I was only working two days a week (at the time) that it would be a great thing for me, I would finally be a little busier. Little did I know, that everything would change dramatically but all in positive way.

I was extremely excited, I was finally going to learn more about yoga, everything from the history & techniques, to the proper alignment & so on. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I came home that first weekend doubting if I had made the right decision. I was not only physically exhausted but also both mentally & emotionally exhausted as well. I was completely out of my comfort zone as I find it hard to open up & let people in, everyone seemed like they were able to do it so easily, I was anxious & overwhelmed. Also despite how outgoing I may seem after you get to know me, I never quite feel at ease around people or I feel as if I don’t belong. I wanted to quit but my parents didn’t raise a quitter, I was going to complete this course whether or not it broke me. At the end of that first weekend, I knew I wanted to quit but then I blindly picked my affirmation out of a bag, & it spoke to me, I held it close and almost cried.
‘I know that I belong, I know that I am safe’

Now two months in, I am still going each weekend & slowly starting to open up, making friends with the others & slowly we are finding comfort in the group. I have learned so much, I not only apply it to my personal yoga practice but I am also learning how to apply it to my personal life. I find myself taking the time each day to write down 10 things that I was grateful for that day, I pick a mantra & recite it as needed (these past three weeks I have been focusing on positivity), I focus on my breath, & I have been subconsciously mindful about the food I have been putting into my body.

In the past two months, I have not only become more mindful about what is happening around me but also more mindful when it comes to myself & my environment. I have slowly been learning to love myself & do what is best for me instead of trying to please everyone, & keeping everyone happy even when it meant I wasn’t. I used to think of yoga only as a workout when in all honesty it is so much more then that!

My new favourite mantra, came at a time when I was struggling with love & I was letting others affect me, I was hurt & vulnerable. I didn’t remember to focus on my breath or my health, I was not practicing detachment, I over worked myself to the point of exhaustion, I was negative & couldn’t find positives in many situations a few weeks ago. I had to realize that I had to burn out the old & move forward on this new & exciting path. Always remember ‘You are worth your weight in gold’.

I know this journey will be tough, it has only been two months & have already learned so much about not only yoga, but also about myself. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me & to see just how much I grow as a person.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to watching ‘Women tell All’. Yes, I am addicted to the Bachelor Franchise & only two more nights till I get back my life.

“the divine in me honours the divine in you”
xo cd


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