Liebster Award!


Happy Wednesday & Last Day of January

Alright Loves, so its’s taken me a few days but I wanted to be sure that I knew what the Liebster Award was before I went ahead & wrote this post. But guess what… I still have no idea what this is!
I was nominated by Paul the ever entertaining author behind The Captain’s Speech. I love his Monday Night Bachelor Recaps, & his posts are amazing!

Here are my answers to Pauls questions:

1. If you had to rename your blog, what would you name it?
I do not think I would rename it, I created this blog as a new way to express myself & what I love, plus it took me a really long time to come up with a name. I think the name Uniquely Cass describes everything perfectly!

2. What is your favourite childhood memory?
Hmm, this is definitely a tough one, I have so many memories of my childhood. Personally I would like think anything that involves being at my cottage, since it was such a big part of life & it still is. But there is this one memory of this time we went to Canada’s Wonderland & I got chased by a Canada Goose for my cookie & there was no way in hell I was tossing that cookie.

3. What are you afraid to write about?
EVERYTHING! (Jeeze Paul, were getting deep here..). This whole blog thing has been tough for me, I am trying to open up about things but find myself saving those posts as drafts that will most likely never be posted.

4. Would you rather be the lead singer of a famous band, or a celebrity chef?
Tough question, but since I can barely cook & I only enjoy cooking foods that apparently no one else will eat (zucchini muffins, this goes out to you), I would have to go with lead singer. I mean if I can sing in the car & the shower I can sing anywhere right?

5. If everyone in the world stopped what they were doing and listened to you right now, what would you say to them?
I would tell everyone listening to stop & enjoy the little things, take a moment & be grateful for everything you have in your life whether its love, support, a roof over your head, food to eat, etc. Saying thank-you for even the littlest things makes a big difference!

6. When was the last time you made up an excuse to get out of plans with a friend? What was the excuse?
This is a tough one, I definitely am not the biggest fan of going out.. The last time was probably a few weeks ago when we had plans to go to a club downtown & I really was not in the mood to dress up & spend all this money when all I wanted was to lay in bed & watch movies. So I ended up saying I had a super early morning the next day when I didn’t… Whoops! But on the plus side I ended up waking up motivated to go on a long run.

My Questions (If you’re not nominated, feel free to answer below)

1. If you had the chance to travel anywhere, where would you go?
2. What is your favourite type of music to rock out to?
3. Favourite Season, & why?
4. What TV show or series are you addicted to right now?
5. What is the one thing you always carry with you?

Apparently the rules are:
1. Make a blog post saying you’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award
2. Include the picture in your post
3. Answer the questions I will ask below
4. Ask your own questions
5. Nominate other bloggers


So contrary to the rules, this one time I will be opting out of asking another blog questions. My apologies, I am still so new to this whole blogging thing & still figuring out all this! Please just leave your answers my questions in the comments below, I would love to get to know other blogs & bloggers out there!

xo cd


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Thanks for doing this! To be honest, I don’t really know what the Liebster Award means either and I’ve done it 4 times haha. I think it’s just a way to direct readers to blogs they don’t already know? I have no clue.

    Hahah Canada Geese are determined!

    I completely get the whole being afraid to open up and actually pressing publish thing. I was afraid to do that too (and even now there are some things I don’t share), but when I did I realized there were others who felt the same way and my words helped them feel a bit better. I know that sounds vague, just something to think about!

    Zucchini muffins….what in the world??

    I’ll answer your questions now:
    1. I’d probably go somewhere there’s a big sporting event. Perhaps the Olympics. Though lately I’ve been intrigued by Japan and the culture over there. So one of those two.

    2. Definitely Alternative Rock

    3. Fall. At first it was my favourite season because my birthday is the first week of September and up until last year I always thought September = Fall. Apparently I’m a summer baby and didn’t know it. I also just like the weather, like 14 degrees with a light breeze is perfect.

    4. I’m currently looking for a new show on Netflix actually! (Suggestions?). A show I’m currently watching on A&E though is called Undercover High and it’s about adults in their early 20s going back to high school and pretending to be students, in order to get insight on what high school is like these days. It’s equally interesting and cringeworthy to see what high school has become.

    5. I guess I always carry my phone and wallet with me. I wish I had a cooler answer than that.

    Just a friendly tip: You probably already know, but If you’re looking for new blogs/bloggers to follow, one way to find them is by going through the comments section of posts on other blogs. Then you just sort of hop blog to blog and follow the ones you’re interested in. Or on some blogs, like mine, on the side I have a collage of pictures of people who have recently interacted with me and that acts as a link to their blog.

    Anyways, thanks for the kind words and sorry for the essay I’ve left here!

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    • It is definately tough to press publish sometimes!
      & Zucchini muffins are literally a heathy version of just chocolate muffins.
      Loved your answers & thanks again for nominating me to do this, I needed that push!

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