Newest Favourite Accessory

Just a few days ago, after at least six months of debating & wanting one. I finally bit the bullet & purchased the Rose Gold Apple Watch Series 3 for myself as a late Christmas/Birthday present. I am not a watch wearing gal & am still getting used to having something more then just bracelets on my wrist.


Investing in a fitness watch at the beginning of a new year is a great motivator to stay on track of fitness goals. Not only have I been able to track my progress, but I have been tracking heart rate, distance on my runs & mediating as well. I am super excited to use my new watch once I begin training for runs, I am extremely excited to start tracking my runs (and obviously my other workouts as well).

If you have any suggestions on how I can use this better or If you have an Apple Watch & would like to be ‘Activity Buddies’ contact me or comment! It would be a great motivator to get moving!

Here’s to staying on track & staying motivated
xo cd


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