My Lifetime Goals

Arizona Trip 2017 (3)

Over the years, I always found that putting things on paper made dreams become more of a reality. I had this list tucked away about places I wanted to travel to, things I want to do, personal achievements & places I wanted to see. I came across it the other day & I decided to share my list with you all, welcome you to learn a little about me, welcome you to share your thoughts on my list & share your own lifetime lists with me! As I get more successful or more confident in myself, I plan on expanding these goals & pushing the limits with what I can achieve & adding more goals to My Lifetime List!

Here’s my list
* Highlighted things are completed, Italic’d things are coming up! * 

I will Travel to the following places:
1. Tuscany, Italy
2. Paris, France
3. Bali
4. Australia
5. New Zealand
6. Amsterdam, Germany
7. Poland
8. Cairo, Egypt
9. Africa (South Africa)
10. Greek Islands
11. Dubai
12. Rome, Italy
13. Morocco
14. Fiji

I will see the following sights: 
15. The Effiel Tower
16. Galapagos Islands
17. Hotsprings in Iceland
18. The Colosseum 
19. Sydney Opera House
20. Victoria Falls 
21. Coral Reef
22.  Golden Gate Bridge

I will:
23. Go to the Superbowl
24. Paddleboard in Hawaii
25. Learn to surf
26. Ride in a hot air balloon
27. Skydive
28. Ski in Colorado
29. Learn how to fly fish
30. Swim in the Black Sea
31. See a Alabama Football Game at home
32. See a Dallas Cowboys Game at AT&T Stadium (I’ve seen 2)
33. Go on an African Safari 
34. Ski Europe
35. Snorkle

Personal Achievements:

36. Run 10 km in under 1 hour 
37. Run a half marathon
38. Run a marathon
39. Learn to speak French
40. Learn to speak Polish
41. Own my own house
42. Own a Range Rover
43. Golf 18 Holes under 100
44. Get 200 hour yoga teacher certificate
45. Open my own yoga studio
46. Become a successful event planner
47. See a show at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville
48. Grow my book collection
49. Teach yoga in the Bahamas
50. Live to be 100+ years old

Once you’ve completed your list, please share some of your own goals in the comments below.
I’d love to read them!

Stay Adventurous
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