3 Nights in Dallas

Arizona Trip 2017

3 Nights in Dallas

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend 3 Nights in my favourite city, Dallas, Texas. We arrived at DFW Airport the morning before my birthday & I had a smile that could be seen all the way back to Toronto. Upon landing, we rented a car (always do this ahead of time, do not wait till the last minute…) which took a while considering most car rental places had no available cars left. We decided it would be easier to have our own car for the trip instead of taking Ubers everywhere, like we did the year before, and boy were we right!! This year we stayed right downtown at the Westin Downtown Dallas. Situated in the heart of downtown, we could walk to restaurants, the Dallas Aquarium & Wild Bills Western Store.

It was such a beautiful day In Dallas, we ended up having lunch on the patio of Ellen’s Southern Kitchen. Here we indulged in authentic sweet tea & I treated myself to the B.L.T.E.A Sandwich, & it hit the spot (If you go to Dallas, make sure you check Ellen’s out, we liked it so much we ate lunch there twice!!). From there, we walked over to Wild Bills Western Store, they are so friendly & have an amazing selection of cowboy boots! We also ventured out to North Park Centre & partook in some good old shopping (This trip ended up basically becoming a shopping trip). After doing some damage at the mall & visiting good old Target for some treats, drinks & necessities we ended up having a small pre-dinner glass of wine while we got ready. We ended up stumbling upon RJ Mexican Cuisine, we sat on the patio & enjoyed a beautiful night. Our server Craig (aka Kenny Rodgers) was absolutely amazing & made us feel extremely welcome. He had both amazing dinner & drink suggestions for us, and even treated me to a birthday dessert. It was a fantastic start to the trip!

Day two happened to be my 23rd Birthday. Despite waking up one year older, I was on cloud nine just waking up in Dallas of all places. We ended up scooting over to Highland Park Village where we browsed the high end boutiques. From there we went back towards Downtown Dallas, where we grabbed lunch & made our way to the infamous Dallas World Aquarium. The Dallas World Aquarium is so amazing & set up to mimic the animals natural habitats. We were able to walk through the Orinoco Rainforest where we saw monkeys, crocodiles, bats/bugs, snakes, lizards, fish, penguins, turtles & tropical birds, the Mundo Maya where we saw sharks, stingrays, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, tropical birds, flamingos & even a Jaguar. Overall, I loved watching the sharks, I have this odd love for sharks, their beauty & their sneakiness. It was a great way to spend my 23rd birthday!

Day three couldn’t have come by any faster, I was so excited for my birthday gift. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Dallas Cowboys home game on a Thursday Night! My uncle happened to be in Dallas the same week for a conference & was able to get us into a tailgate before the game, I was on cloud nine just being able to tailgate with fellow Cowboys fans for once. Just being in AT & T Stadium (no matter how many times I have already been there) is truly amazing. Lucky for me, the Cowboys ended up winning the game & ending their loosing streak, I was one happy birthday girl!!

This was one great birthday trip & I could not thank my parents enough. Turning 23 was magical & will definitely be a tough one to beat! Texas has stolen my heart once again & I can not wait to make more memories there in the future.
Till next time Dallas

xo cd

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2 thoughts on “3 Nights in Dallas

  1. Don’t mind me, just going through your old posts lol. AT&T Stadium always looks incredible on TV. In that one photo you shared with the video board, the uprights in the far end zone look so tiny by comparison. Seeing it on TV doesn’t do it justice just how big the screen is in person, does it? I think this post inspired me to write about attending sporting events. Thanks for that!

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    • You are 100% right, watching cowboys games on TV just don’t do justice on how amazing of a stadium it is to be in. I always find myself watching some of the game on the screen just to make sure I don’t miss anything! I’m glad I could inspire that, I will be looking out for that post!

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