Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

I am a huge fan of Chapters Indigo & after coming across these adorable travel journals, I needed to have one!
This year, we had/have some huge trips planned & what better way to keep tabs on adventures then these adorable Hadron Epoch Linen Travel Journals. I got my mom the blue ‘Be Adventurous┬áHadron Epoch Linen Travel Journal‘ & myself the green ‘Go Explore┬áHadron Epoch Linen Travel Journal’ (Not available anymore).

travel journal

My mom has now taken her journal to the Czech Republic, Banff, Germany, Italy & Halifax.
I have yet to take mine to as many places but have so far taken this journal to Italy, Arizona (posts coming soon) & very recently Blue Mountain.
I cannot wait to take it on my next adventures & believe me when I say we have some big ones coming up.
Side note: Indigo has so many travel journal options to choose from, click HERE & check them out. P.s The amazing black friday sale is still going on, hurry before it ends!!!
Black Friday: The Sale You’ve Been Waiting For!

xo cd

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